Suzie Dorsett

Suzie Dorsett

EA to Michael Kollosche & Renae Hayek 0418 269 132 [email protected]

For Suzie Dorsett, there’s always been an undeniable attraction to real estate. Having spent over 12 years working within this dynamic sector, this has only strengthened her passion for property and refined her ability to work effortlessly in a fast-paced environment.

Previously one of the top five Account Managers for property portal giant,, Suzie has worked with some of the biggest names in real estate. She was instrumental in providing them with training and guidance around their marketing strategies, something which she brings to this new role at Kollosche.

Having always been captivated by property, and with a love of luxury homes, Suzie finds working with Michael, Renae and the entire Kollosche team to be incredibly inspiring. She echoes the drive and determination of her colleagues to deliver the very best quality of work and is honoured to be surrounded by high achievers who take pride in their work and always push themselves to succeed.

Dedicated, detail-orientated and optimistic, Suzie is a shining light in the behind the scenes smooth operations of Kollosche. For more information or to contact her directly, email [email protected] or phone +61 418 269 132.

Suzie Dorsett's team

Michael Kollosche Managing Director
Renae Hayek General Manager