How do I make my rental application as attractive as possible?

08 Jul 2020 |

Hi guys, Blake Farquhar from Kollosche Property Management, and welcome today to my video just to talk about making your rental application as attractive as possible when you’re a prospective tenant, you’ve either just sold your home and you’re looking to rent for the next twelve months while you find your next home or your tenancy is coming to an end shortly.

Here are some of the key points that I believe will be very helpful to you if you are looking to rent.

The Gold Coast rental market is taking off.

One of the most important things that you need to do is make sure your 1Form application profile is up to date. A lot of property managers these days are very tech savvy in that sense that they are all using online digital forms.

Pre-setup your profile and make sure it’s accurate. Ensure you’ve got profile photos on it, you’ve got all of your documents and income details. It’s important to make sure you’ve also got all of your rental histories.

An important tip regarding your identification, such as your driver’s licence, is to make sure when you upload a photo or pdf of it, that it is legible. I’ve had some lately that have come through where the photos and the details aren’t legible or half of it is cut off from the scanning. Attention to detail is a big plus. If it all comes through very smoothly, your application is likely to be processed quicker and sent off to the landlord for their approval very quickly, but if we need to chase certain things it will slow down the process and is likely to affect the outcome.

Let your current property manager know to expect a request for a rental reference by the prospective landlord’s agent that you’re applying through. and make sure that you can get that reference back as soon as possible.

When you come to open homes be diligent, ask the questions that you need to know, get everything you need to sort then and there. I suggest doing a checklist before you inspect the property, such as is your fridge going to fit into this property space? Make sure you’ve ticked all of these boxes so that you can confidently leave that property and say yes I want to apply and get it done very quickly. If you need to organise another inspection, someone else might be able to submit their rental application prior to you submitting yours, and you may lose the opportunity.

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