Kollosche Commercial expands to offer Leasing and Property Management

April 12 2021

Kollosche has expanded its Commercial division to offer an executive standard of commercial leasing and property management across the Gold Coast.
Kollosche Commercial expands to offer Leasing and Property Management

The commercial real estate landscape is continually evolving as are the needs of our clients.

Following on from the success of an established Commercial sales team with Adam and Tony Grbcic, Kollosche now brings a new standard of service to commercial asset owners across the Gold Coast.

We’ve expanded our Commercial division to offer executive leasing and property management in a new arm led by Hayley Zovic.

Hayley’s background working within a global agency based in Melbourne, coupled with her results-driven approach, lends valuable energy and experience to Kollosche and our clients.

Kollosche Managing Director Michael Kollosche said leasing and property management was a natural extension to the business and fills a gap in the broader prestige market.

“With an established Commercial sales team driving strong results and new business, we are aware of the need for an executive standard of leasing and asset management,” says Michael.

“We now have the capacity to serve our valued commercial clients from the point of purchase right through to securing quality tenants and managing that asset for premium returns ongoing.”

In the coming months, Hayley will be reaching out to new and existing clients who may benefit from a seamless, one-stop commercial real estate service.

If you have a commercial real estate asset and would like to explore your leasing or property management options, reach out to Hayley on 0423 101 997 or email


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