COVID spawns a vital service for our most vulnerable

04 May 2021 |

When in March last year the Queensland Government imposed a statewide community lockdown to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the impact was immediate.

Many Queenslanders suddenly found themselves in a position where they were unable to access basic necessities, including food, medicine and even toilet paper.

For the young and the elderly, those who were already sick or suffering an underlying illness, the serious risk posed by leaving home was very real.

Thankfully for our most vulnerable residents, Gold Coast businessman Yas Daniel Matbouly was quick to recognise the need to home deliver basic necessities.

Yas mobilised a small army of volunteers including personal trainers, university students and graduates, young executives and business people, sportspeople and even influencers.

What started out as a small act of kindness has grown into an organised community service helping thousands of people by delivering basic goods straight to their doorstep.

Serving Our People (SOP) now delivers to 16 locations across South East Queensland, including Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast, and over the border into Northern New South Wales.

“The sole purpose of Serving Our People is to be of service to those in need,” says Founder and CEO Yas Daniel Matbouly.

“SOP would not be possible if not for the kind-hearted people in Australia from all walks of life to give their time and support to such a beautiful and worthwhile cause.”

Kollosche has thrown its support behind the service as major sponsor of Serving Our People’s inaugural fundraising gala to be held at The Star Casino on Saturday 8 May.

The black tie event aims to raise vital funds to ensure SOP’s ongoing service to our community.

“We are thrilled to get behind a service that is genuinely helping those people in our community who most need it,” says Kollosche Managing Director Michael Kollosche. 

“The mission to provide support to those in need might seem simple enough, but the impact to those on the receiving end is extremely powerful.”

Kollosche invites our extended network of clients, partners and friends to join with us in attending the gala event in support of SOP and those who rely on its services.

You can learn more about Serving Our People and get involved by way of volunteering or donating here:

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