Property Styling – 25 The Corso, Isle of Capri

08 Jul 2020 |

What is the biggest mistake sellers make when it comes to property styling?

I think the biggest mistake people make is because it’s their home and they’re so attached to it, and they love everything in it, that might not be the best thing that’s going to appeal to the majority of buyers. You need to distance yourself from I love, this is my house, to make it neutral so someone else can feel that it goes in.

Here at 25 The Corso, what was going to be your biggest property styling challenge?

I think the biggest challenge was going to be the huge open-plan living areas and the master bedroom; turned out absolutely beautifully, I’m really happy with it.

What trends can we look forward to over the next 12 months?

I think the trends going forward over the next year is a blending of different things together, so houses are, in a way, more individual. Like, the industrial thing was fantastic, then it probably got to a level that was a bit too industrial and not friendly. People still want to feel that they’re in a home and it’s comfy and friendly.

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