Why invest in childcare?

09 Jun 2021 |
Proposed Lot 2, 7-39 Finch Road, Canungra

Childcare centres present a sound commercial investment

Childcare centres rank among the most popular freehold commercial investments for investors who are seeking long and secure tenure.

Albeit hard to come by, these investments are preferred for the following reasons:

  1. Tenant strength. The high percentage of centres are secured by an ASX-listed entity.
  2. Federal Government Stimulus. The fees paid to childcare centres are largely subsidised by the Federal Government, with around 50%-85% refunded to parents.
  3. Demand for service. Unlike other sectors which face off-shore, economic or eCommerce risks, childcare will always be an essential service with growing demand.

Alongside the high demand for tenanted childcare centres, investors are also on the hunt for development sites in key growth areas.

The need for more childcare services is apparent in new estates and in established suburbs where density is growing.

Kollosche Commercial has an exclusive off-market opportunity situated within a newly proposed community estate in Canungra. The 2800m2 site is approved as a Childcare lot under the master plan and benefits from a wide street frontage at the entry to the estate. 

If you wish to find out more, or possess a site which lends itself to childcare use, get in touch with Adam Grbcic on 0404 087 772 or Tony Grbcic on 0407 968 667.

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