Adapt and Evolve

06 Sep 2021 |
Adapt and Evolve | Kollosche

Award-winning Kollosche agent Troy Dowker shares how his love of the Gold Coast has fuelled his success for more than two decades.

When Troy Dowker picked up the esteemed award for Queensland Agent of the Year by the Real Estate Results Network in February, it was one of many from a long line in a successful career.

But there is more to this family man than pats on the back by the industry he has grown to love. There is a true sense of a down-to-earth and honest nature, coupled with dedication and a drive for evolving that Troy exudes in abundance that has clients coming back to him time and again for repeat sales.

Troy has been on the Gold Coast since 1995 and now resides in Currumbin with his wife and three children. He admits to not wanting to live anywhere else and attributes much of his sales success to knowing his area and developing solid relationships in the community.

“It’s a lot easier to sell property when you love where you live. It’s a combination of a few factors; one is that there is a lifestyle love of the area itself and the people in that area, but also, I’ve become part of the fabric of this area. And when you become part of the fabric, it becomes very natural, and you can add more value to the buyers and sellers,” he says.

While Troy often collaborates with other Kollosche agents from the northern end of the Gold Coast and down south to Byron Bay, his core focus is the central to southern end of the Gold Coast where he has achieved numerous record sales.

“This part of the coast is much more of a narrow corridor than the upper end. It’s a very tight-knit community, and people look after each other and rally behind each other in the community, which makes it a special part of the community.”

Troy started in real estate in 2003 after he had a few mates who were transitioning into the market from the surf industry, and just like them, he became hooked.

“I thought it was such a dynamic and interesting industry,” he recalls.

“But what I really loved – and still do today – is having the opportunity to help clients with their real estate needs and to achieve their property goals,” he says.

Troy also goes on to say he loves the marketing opportunities with selling property, the exhilaration of doing deals and developing the business acumens.

“There are so many different industry components, including the process of legislation and processing stock and the psychology of selling itself that I love.”

Adapt and Evolve | Kollosche

After cutting his teeth in the industry and learning his craft while at Ray White, by early 2020 Troy felt the timing was perfect to join the Kollosche team. The Kollosche brand is well known for its extensive high net worth clientele but beyond that, Troy aspired to further his career and extend his knowledge by working alongside Michael.

“I’m grateful to be a part of Michael’s team and learn from his experience and business insights, and where he wants to head with his overall brand is exactly in line with my goals.”

While no one could have predicted the strength of the property market over the past year and how the rest of 2021 will shape up, Troy attests to the market still having plenty of steam left in it.

Despite having a string of awards and accolades under his belt, Troy believes it’s his attitude and passion that keep clients coming back.

“It’s going to continue to strengthen provided the fundamentals stay the same,” he believes. “The market is driven by supply and demand, and if we continue with low-interest rates, low stock levels, strong demand from expats and interstate migration, we’re going to continue to see strong results”.

Additionally, Troy predicts that while the Spring and Summer market has always been the solid selling season on the Gold Coast, this could be a stellar season and the best one on record.

When it comes to giving clients the best experience possible, Troy and his team focus on the process and being proactive in the market.

“It’s about understanding the vendor’s needs – is it price, timing, or is privacy their biggest driver?” says Troy.

While most clients want the highest price, Troy says other factors can be involved, and concise strategies need to be implemented for each unique seller.

“It’s our job to put together a strategy and a tailored plan so we can capture the largest audience possible and achieve top dollar for our clients while giving them peace of mind.”

Troy agrees that there is a lot of FOMO in the market right now due to the pandemic, but he says it’s not just for buyers.

“There is buying FOMO and selling FOMO going on right now, so we have a vested interest to make sure buyers and sellers are being looked after both pre and post-sale.”

This level of empathy and communication for both sides of the selling arena has
given Troy a strong reputation in the industry as a trusted agent.

Adapt and Evolve | Kollosche

Troy is no stranger to an active lifestyle by the water. As an adrenaline seeker, he enjoys all types of sports but his main passion is surfing and snowboarding. A newfound love of the Gold Coast Hinterland has brought out Troy’s adventurous streak.

“I’ve always loved surfing, but I’ve recently taken up hiking in the hinterland with the family, and we’re all loving being closer to nature and the wildlife aspects of the Gold Coast,” he says.

Troy believes teamwork is one of the most significant drivers for success in his industry. As a result, he has a strong team dynamic both under the Kollosche umbrella itself and also in his individual team.

“But what I really loved and still do today is having the opportunity to help clients with their real estate needs and to achieve their property goals,”

“We now have a new team member with James Roberts coming onboard, which rounds off my team with Isabella Burns and Nicole Cheyne,” he says.

“I enjoy mentoring and nurturing them so they can develop their skills which helps us in turn give our clients the best possible outcome.”

With 2021 being such a turbulent year and the whole world having to pivot and adapt to the new normal, Troy sees his place in this industry also evolving and adapting.

“Being complacent is the biggest killer, so the biggest thing I can do, and teach my team to do, is how to evolve and be proactive in this market.”

Despite having a string of awards and accolades under his belt, Troy believes it’s his attitude and passion that keeps clients close.

“Everything starts in the mirror. Your biggest competition is yourself, your attitude and commitment will set you apart from the rest.”

You can contact Troy Dowker on 0409 057 087 or email [email protected]

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