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New Project Specialists


Kollosche takes a holistic approach to new project sales, smoothing the way for developers at each stage and creating a seamless experience for those buying luxury apartments off the plan in key lifestyle locations across the Gold Coast.

Backed by decades of experience, New Projects agents possess intimate product knowledge to build the level of confidence a buyer needs to purchase off the plan and the care to maintain those relationships to settlement and beyond.

Kollosche New Projects also offers an end-to-end solution for developers – from site amalgamation to design input and supplier referrals, marketing assets and campaigns, through to sales strategy and implementation.

The New Projects division works closely with the wider Kollosche sales team to match qualified buyers to the right product.

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Business Manager - Kollosche New Projects

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Why Kollosche New Projects

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    The name Kollosche is synonymous with prestige property on the Gold Coast. When you list or buy with Kollosche, you align with the best in the business.

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    When you invite a Kollosche agent into your property or business, we seek to understand your needs, goals and expectations - and deliver on them.

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    Commercial and residential agents work together to expose each property to a greater pool of buyers to build competitive tension for premium results.

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    A strategic approach to marketing ensures each campaign receives maximum exposure to attract qualified buyers and negotiate premium pricing.

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    A percentage of every sale goes back into the Kollosche Community Fund, which supports a range of charities, sporting groups and community causes.

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    Kollosche offers full support through it’s operational and administrative arms for seamless service under one roof.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does buying ‘off the plan’ mean?

Apartments inside new developments are sold off the plan as the project is yet to be built or may be under construction.

Buyers rely on floor plans, artist renders, lists of finishes and fixtures, virtual tours and display suites showcasing the design to make a purchase decision.

How much deposit do I require and is it secure?

Typically, a deposit of 10% is needed to secure an apartment off the plan. That deposit can be paid in cash, bank guarantee, and occasionally a deposit bond. The deposit will be held in a solicitor’s trust account until the project is complete or the sunset period expires.

Will my apartment match the renders?

Renders offer an artist’s impression of what the finished product will look like. While the match cannot be exact, the finished apartment should not change dramatically from the renders.

A schedule of finishes contained within your contract will outline all inclusions. A settlement inspection provides an opportunity to note any defects to be fixed by the developer.

What is a development approval (DA) and why should a project have one?

Regulatory approval must be obtained by a developer before any work relating to a proposed project can start on site. It can take a local government authority anywhere from 2 weeks to 12 months to process a DA request in Queensland. Purchasing an apartment on a project with a DA in place provides confidence that the project is likely to proceed to construction.

Are delays common when purchasing off the plan?

At the start of each project a developer will establish a clear timeline that gives buyers a guide to when the construction will be complete and the apartment ready for handover.

Delays are inevitable across the course of a lengthy project and are commonly caused by weather and the availability of materials and equipment. A builder and the developer will work together to ensure lost time is made up to keep the project on track.

What is the sunset clause?

The sunset clause is a statement in the contract of sale that places a time limit on the contract’s validity. If the project cannot be completed within the specified timeframe, the deposit is returned in full to the buyer or new contracts can be drawn up.

What will the strata fees be?

Strata is the fee you pay to the owners corporation for the upkeep of the building and common facilities. Buildings with more amenities and facilities will have higher strata. A sales agent can advise on strata costs for the project you are considering.

Why list my development with Kollosche?

Kollosche offers an end-to-end solution for developers – from site amalgamation to design input and supplier referrals, through to marketing assets and campaigns, to sales strategy and implementation. This means you’ll get access to all of the sales and marketing services needed to take your project from concept to sold under one powerful brand.

Our New Projects sales team works alongside Kollosche’s in-house creative and marketing arm, K Media Group, to set every project up for sales success. We’ve invested in the best in the marketing business to drive effective, polished campaigns for maximum multi-media exposure.

Collectively our marketing department boasts decades of experience with leading national and international brands, delivering cutting-edge content across:

  • Targeted digital campaigns
  • Email marketing to an active database
  • Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Professional videography
  • Quality photography
  • Engaging copywriting
  • Bespoke collateral designs
  • Print and digital media exposure

Kollosche New Projects sales team is then able to nurture buyers through their sales journey, backed by an intimate knowledge of your project.  We build the confidence a buyer needs to purchase off the plan and maintain those relationships to settlement and beyond.

What does Kollosche’s one-stop marketing service include?

process of building an effective brand and all of the marketing assets required to launch your project to market to attract qualified leads and sales.

Our detailed process covers:

  • Brand discovery, messaging and guidelines
  • Design concepts, logos, templates and asset management
  • Launch strategy, roll out plan, and implementation

The information provided on this page is for ease of reference only and is not intended to be relied on as legal or financial advice. In all circumstances, we recommend that you seek independent legal and/or financial advice to ensure that you are fully informed in relation to the risks and obligations associated with a relevant transaction.



Kollosche draws on decades of experience, industry expertise and local market insights to help you make informed decisions.