Your home is one of your most valuable assets, and no team appreciates this more than us.

At Kollosche, we have an uncompromising dedication to providing comprehensive real estate services for the prestige sector. This is based on a solid foundation established by our Principal prominent Gold Coast real estate expert, Michael Kollosche - and it is one that we continue to uphold proudly to this day.


It is why our clients trust us.


As a leading, local boutique Real Estate Agency, we focus on catering to the specific needs of high-end property. Our team of experts understand that properties of this calibre require a bespoke approach, which is how we deliver the premium results that we are known for.


From innovative marketing campaigns, experienced advice, competent negotiations, and an aptitude to oversee every detail, we are reliable partners who you can depend on to assist you in achieving your property goals.


When working with our team, you can rest easy knowing that you have the best people in property by your side.

Our Team

Renae Hayek General Manager
Duncan Longmore Licensed Real Estate Agent
Michael Kollosche Managing Director
Danny Stanley Licenced Real Estate Agent
Eddie Wardale Licensed Real Estate Agent
Kara Evatt Sales Agent
Rob Lamb Licensed Real Estate Agent
Troy Dowker Licensed Real Estate Agent
Tony Velissariou Licensed Real Estate Agent
Ryan Ward Licensed Real Estate Agent
Doug Durrington Chief Financial Officer
Andrew Ramsey Licensed Real Estate Agent
Bec Southey Sales Associate to Ryan Ward
Brad Coyne Licensed Real Estate Agent
Claire Dai Licensed Real Estate Agent
Corey Bedford Licensed Real Estate Agent
Filippa Nielsen Digital Marketing Specialist
Ellen Hayward Executive Assistant to Rob Lamb
Eoghan Murphy Licensed Real Estate Agent
Gloria Wang Licensed Real Estate Agent
Isabella Burns Sales Associate to Troy Dowker
Natalia Gamez Marketing Coordinator
Jamie Harrison Licensed Real Estate Agent
Jay Helprin Sales Associate to Michael Kollosche
John And Nicole Mayer Licensed Real Estate Agent | Sales Agent
Jordanna Seymour Executive Assistant to Team Grbcic
Nick Lapenna Licensed Real Estate Agent
Jurgen Hansen Videographer
Luke McPhee Sales Manager
Matt Lanyon Licensed Real Estate Agent
Moana Cooper Executive Assistant to Michael Kollosche
Nicole Cheyne Executive Assistant to Troy Dowker
Nicole Mayer Sales Agent
Shona Tarulli General Counsel
William Sarti Licensed Real Estate Agent
Suzie Dorsett Business Manager to Michael Kollosche
Adam Grbcic Commercial Sales Consultant
Tony Grbcic Commercial Sales Consultant
Simon Worthington Licenced Real Estate Agent
Eloa Bomfa Accounts Assistant
Andriana Pancic Sales Associate to Brad Coyne
Katie Dalton Business Development Manager - Executive Leasing
Marco De Vincentiis Licensed Real Estate Agent
Jen McLean Executive Assistant to Rob Lamb
Cassie Owen Business Manager to Matt Lanyon
Ricardo Mello Contracts and Financial Assistant
Bree Bellhouse Client Services Manager to Eoghan Murphy
Cooper Markovitch Sales Associate to Brad Coyne
Stacey Harfield Business Manager - Team Harrison
Elly Dai Executive Assistant to Claire Dai
Odette Humphreys Licensed Real Estate Agent
Karin Heller Assistant Agent in Real Estate
Ashlee Gegg Property Manager
Kim Jones Licensed Real Estate Agent
Matthew Follent Sales Associate to Danny Stanley
Taylah Rossiter Sales Coordinator
Brian and Denise Dangerfield Assistant Real Estate Agents
Alex Wallace Head of Marketing
Aneta Siedlecka Holistic Transformational Coach
Sally Cran Client Care – Sam Guo & Julia Kuo
Sam Guo and Julia Kuo Licensed Real Estate Agent
Nikki Murray Adminstration Manager
Brittany Jackson Client Services Manager to Team Ward
Hannah Delre Executive Assistant to Team Grbcic
Steven Prince Sales Associate to Eddie Wardale
Aimie Paterson Executive Assistant to Kim Jones
James Roberts Inside Sales Assistant - Troy Dowker Team
Zac Palmer Sales Associate to Jamie Harrison
Chloe Goldsworthy Paid Social Media Specialist
Tennyson Daniels Videographer
Tessa Di Grandi Copy & Content Writer
Kyle Allen Inside Sales Associate
Jonathon Patton Sales Associate to Brad Coyne
Carlie Mills Licensed Real Estate Agent
Karen Ngo Senior Property Manager
Samantha Campbell Graphic Designer
Vanessa Durrington Graphic Designer
Avenelle Harris Executive Assistant to Sam Guo and Julia Kuo
Abbey Swift Executive Assistant to Nicole and John Mayer
Alvin Roldan Graphic Designer
Raj Nanalal Chief Performance Officer
Joshua Robel Paid Social Media Specialist
Natalie Maddern New Projects Coordinator

Tell us your property dream, and we will help you live it