Get to know Eddie Wardale of Kollosche, Gold Coast

08 Jul 2020 |

Eddie Wardale has gone from Spain, to London, to the Sunshine Coast, and finally to the Gold Coast where he is now at Kollosche

Eddie Wardale

Mr Wardale told WILLIAMS MEDIA why he believes the real estate industry is too easy for people to enter.

He also discusses the property market outlook for the Gold Coast in the next year, including why he thinks the Isle of Capri and Broadbeach are suburbs to watch.

How did you start out in real estate? Have you always worked in the industry, or did you do something else previously?

Basically, real estate has been my career my whole life.

I started in Mallorca Spain after realizing that I didn’t want to become a golf professional.

I returned from London and decided I wanted to sell real estate.

So I placed an ad in the local papers and received a call for an interview.

A year later I returned to Australia to visit my mum and brothers.

My mother had remarried and her husband was a real estate agent with multiple offices.

I returned to Spain, packed up my life and moved to the Sunshine Coast.

In January, 2000 I moved to the bright lights of the Gold Coast.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love that no day is the same, one phone call can make your day, week, month or year.

I love the hustle, the diversity and the stunning real estate the Gold Coast offers.

1A Yacht Street, Southport, Queensland

Can you tell us about an interesting property you’ve sold?

The first property I sold on my first day in real estate in Spain.

I was asked to show a buyer through an apartment which I did; he then went to the bank and withdrew the money for the apartment, and came back to office and gave it to me.

I thought to myself “boy this job is easy!”

What’s your advice to young people starting out in real estate?

It takes time, there are no shortcuts.

You have to be prepared to work hard, there is a lot of rejection, and not everyone makes money.

It’s not about who you know, it’s about who knows you and how hard you are prepared to work.

If you could change one thing about the real estate industry, what would it be?

The real estate industry is too easy for people to enter.

Many people believe the industry is easy and that you can make lots of money.

The industry should be a lot more difficult to enter and should have much higher standards and ethics to abide to.

Real Estate is a career not a part time job.

What’s your outlook for the property market on the Gold Coast for the next 12-18 months?

In my opinion the market will remain steady with good homes selling, if the sellers are realistic on the prices.

I think many Gold Coast suburbs will continue to rise in their popularity and value, especially central suburbs like Isle of Capri and Broadbeach Waters.

Historically the Gold Coast market trends 18 months to two years behind Sydney and Melbourne.

Therefore, we should see more interstate buyers migrating to the coast.

Where do you live now, and what would be your dream home if you could live anywhere in the world?

I live on the Isle of Capri and have been fortunate to live in many countries and travel extensively.

My dream would be to live in Asia during winter and the Gold Coast for the balance of the year.

The Gold Coast is a very unique and special place to live and the perfect home to raise a young family.

This article originally appeared on The Real Estate Conversation as “Get to know Eddie Wardale of Kollosche

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