Gold Coast Empty-nesters Cash in and Upgrade

14 Oct 2021 |
31 Broadbeach Boulevard, Broadbeach

Gold Coast empty-nesters are on the move, trading in large family homes for low-maintenance luxury apartments in popular lifestyle locations. The hottest prices the city has seen in decades are driving the trend as long-term homeowners look to cash in and transition into a prestige property that better suits their needs.

Kollosche agent Rob Lamb has led a string of high end apartment sales in recent months and notes the uptick in interest from local couples looking for a lifestyle upgrade. “People are realising that there is a window of opportunity right now to get a premium price for a larger established home and put some of that cash towards a new apartment,” says Rob.

“This segment of the market is looking at both established apartments and off-the-plan stock, really depending on their timeline.” Mr Lamb said those looking to move on after many years in one home often needed a longer timeframe, which made off-the-plan apartments an attractive option. “There is a lot involved in packing up after 10 or 20 years in one home,” says Rob.

“The advantage of buying off-the-plan is that you can secure today’s prices and allow yourself a longer period to organise your affairs. “With a wide range of established and off-the-plan projects to choose from, we are able to consider apartments that are ready to go now or in 12-24 months’ time. “It’s all about understanding each person’s needs – in terms of location, features, space and timing – and offering the products that best match.”

While escaping the burden of maintaining a large family home is a big driver, Rob says the modern ‘downsizer’ doesn’t necessarily want to compromise on living space. “The trend is very much to- wards larger, quality apartments in boutique buildings,” says Rob. “People still want space to house their favourite furniture pieces, have enough bedrooms for guests to stay, facility to store wine and clean wall space to hang artwork.”

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