Rise of the Power Couple

March 1 2024

Armed with two decades of real estate experience, the Ledgerwood Team is ready to make its mark at Kollosche.
Rise of the Power Couple

Strengthening its position within the luxury property market, Kollosche welcomes Licensed Sales Agents Paul and Charmaine Ledgerwood to its team.

The husband-and-wife duo bring with them more than 21 years of local real estate experience.

Holding a unique blend of empathy, local knowledge and tenacity, Paul and Charmaine are driven to achieve exceptional results for clients, with their efforts focused on the city’s northern suburbs.

“I have a thorough understanding of the emotional journey that comes with property transactions, while Paul loves a negotiation,” Charmaine says.

“We work together to deliver a comfortable, stress-free experience, while achieving premium sales.”

Both originally from Sydney, Paul is a property lawyer, who has owned legal practises in NSW and Queensland, while Charmaine is a former primary school teacher, who pivoted into real estate in 2002.

“A year after Charmaine began selling property, I followed,” Paul says. “We honed our craft and realised our shared passion lies in facilitating a highly personalised service to our clients.

“As part of that service, we are sometimes privy to highly personal information, so we understand and are dedicated to honouring client confidentiality.”

Paul and Charmaine spent many years under the Ray White umbrella before Charmaine took up a role with Sanctuary Cove Realty. They later launched their own agency, Ledgerwood Real Estate, based in Sanctuary Cove, where they also live.

Paul and Charmaine are anticipating even greater success as a part of leading luxury agency Kollosche, a company Paul has always kept a close eye on.

“Michael [Kollosche] and his peers have built a genuine team culture and the more we learned about the company’s collaborative approach, the more we admired the business,” Paul says.

“It’s a culture that doesn’t represent playing a numbers game. It is a unique mindset which, when paired with its cut-through marketing campaigns, present a wonderful opportunity for agents to truly excel.”

Charmaine shares Paul’s excitement for the year ahead, particularly within the burgeoning northern Gold Coast market.

The duo plan to extend their reach to beyond Sanctuary Cove, to other exclusive enclaves within Hope Island, Paradise Point, Hollywell and Runaway Bay.

Hope Island | Kollosche

Charmaine is eager to showcase what the area has to offer, including its acclaimed schools, exclusive secure communities and large family homes located on waterfront.

“If you’re a boatie, you’re right on, or have easy access to, the Broadwater. There is terrific, protected swimming at Paradise Point, alongside an cafes and restaurants, while Sanctuary Cove and Hope Island Resort, which are FIRB approved, offer security, sporting and spa facilities and a vibrant village lifestyle.

“No matter where you are based in the area, you also remain close to Brisbane, where there’s an excellent art and culture scene.”

Charmaine exudes a natural warmth that is instantly endearing, placing others at ease.

“It’s very important to me that the whole family feels comfortable throughout the buying and selling processes,” Charmaine says.

“I love it when a family enters a house and the children suddenly shout, ‘That’s my bedroom’, and ask ‘Would I really get to swim in this pool every day?’. “Their excitement fills me with a sense of purpose that carries over into relationship building and, ultimately, making outstanding sales.”

Charmaine’s authenticity and compassion is complemented by Paul’s extensive business experience and communication skills, which bring firm decision-making and an instinctive business mentality to high-pressure situations.

“I don’t have any problem initiating tricky conversations with fellow lawyers or anybody else who tries to overwhelm a person with technical jargon,” Paul says.

“I can calmly relate to people without intimidation or apprehension, which places me in good stead for client advocation.”

At Kollosche, Paul and Charmaine are keen to learn from a team of seasoned professionals, while also sharing their own experiences.

“We hope to inspire those around us, particularly the younger agents, to operate with a similar ethos and drive that has allowed us to succeed,” Charmaine says.

Eternally ambitious, Paul adds: “Our other goal, naturally, is to be the No.1 agents within the northern Gold Coast.

“By making the move to Kollosche, we have pushed that goal into firm sight.”

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