Should I accept the first offer on my home?

08 Jul 2020 |

– Rob, I’ve just put my home on the market, I get an offer in the first week, should I accept the first offer on my home or should I wait out the campaign?

– Well, first of all, I’d say you need to really consider that offer. It’s really crucial as the owner that you know that that first group of buyers that come through the property are the hottest buyers. They’ve often been out researching the market for two, three weeks, maybe even two months, so often as agents we leverage on that really, really, hard. We basically put them in a position where they feel like if they don’t put that offer in the first week, they may miss out on it. So when that first offer comes in, I can almost say without question, it’s going to be one of the best offers you’ll get through that campaign. Naturally, owners are like, well, I’ve only been on the market for a week or two, let’s see if there are other buyers out there. So, should I accept the first offer on my home? I can tell you this, there is something true in the saying, the first offer is quite often the best offer.

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