Should I get a Building & Pest inspection before selling my home?

08 Jul 2020 |

Should I get a Building & Pest inspection before selling my home?

– Hi I’m Eddie Wardale from Kollosche, and today I’m joined by Greg at Top Dog Pest Control. Greg, how important is it to do a presale building and pest inspection for the sellers?

– Knowing that every buyer in 2018 is gonna do a pre-purchase building and pest inspection. More and more vendors are actually going ahead and getting a presale inspection, because what we’re able to do is we’re able to come in, have a look at the property, and get them a list of things that might be wrong with the property, and then they’ve got the opportunity to go ahead and fix those things. It’s very hard, to find that buyer that’s gonna pay that premium price for your property. You’re gonna spend money on marketing, and doing open homes. And you just wanna make sure that your sale goes through really smoothly. So by doing a presale inspection, we can really aid in that process. [Eddie]- And Greg, approximately how much does a building and pest inspection cost a seller?

– From a property like today, you’re normally looking at about five hundred dollars. And when you’re talking about a sale potentially falling over, for a mere five hundred dollars,

– Absolutely

– You can move ahead with confidence.

– Totally agree. That was a great insight. Thank you very much Greg, and ah.

– Cheers.

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