Sold – 21 Norseman Court, Paradise Waters

08 Jul 2020 |

Paradise Waters is a special suburb for Kollosche. We’ve achieved some fabulous results in recent times and we’ve sold them very expeditiously but traditionally it has very high days on market.

With this Paradise Waters property, we felt that we surgically priced the property at the right price to affect a sale. We had five inspections in three days which resulted in two written offers and the property was sold for very close to the asking price. We believe to reduce the days on market there’s a couple of things that need to be done. Price the property at a price that buyers are going to engage at and buyers are going to want to transact at. The second thing you need is you want to have world-class marketing that’s going to attract all the buyers that will be interested in the property. That means the use of print, that means the use of the internet, that means attracting the local other owners in the suburb.

Pricing the property correctly and marketing the property correctly means that you’ll sell well and you’ll sell for a good price quickly. Why don’t you give us a ring and we can have a chat and we’ll show you how we can do things better, quicker and differently.

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