Will Light Rail impact your asset?

July 21 2021

The Gold Coast Light Rail system is being delivered in response to population growth over the next two decades.
Will Light Rail impact your asset?

The Gold Coast Light Rail system is being delivered in response to population growth over the next two decades.

This critical infrastructure will connect communities with business and jobs, hospitals and medical facilities, education, shopping, dining, entertainment and sporting centres.

Stage 3 early works activities are scheduled to increase throughout 2021 with major construction expected to start at the end of the year.

If your commercial or residential property runs along this Light Rail route or is within close proximity, we would love the opportunity to discuss with you:

  • What does the Light Rail mean for your property value?
  • How can you protect and position yourself (current tenancies) during construction?
  • What can you expect during construction and how to manage the challenges?

Key features of Stage 3

  • 6.7 km extension from Broadbeach South to Burleigh Heads
  • Dual track in the centre of the Gold Coast Highway
  • Eight stations
  • Retain 2 traffic lanes either side of light rail tracks
  • Five additional trams
  • Journey time of 16 to 17 minutes from Broadbeach South station to Burleigh Heads

Project Status Update

  • The Queensland Government appointed G:link operator, GoldlinQ, to conduct a competitive tender process to deliver the Stage 3 extension.
  • In September 2020 GoldlinQ named John Holland Pty Ltd as their recommended design and construction partner for the third light rail extension.
  • An early works arrangement was put in place in June 2021 to facilitate John Holland starting investigative works and preparation activities ahead of major construction. 
  • These early works will play a critical role in ensuring the construction program and timing is accurate, to minimise the risk of disruptions and delay during major construction.

Kollosche Commercial is working closely with property owners along the Light Rail route and we are well informed to advise you on your best options as the project unfolds.

Reach out to Kollosche Commercial today to discuss your Light Rail sales or leasing strategy.

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