A Connection to Care

September 1 2022

Kollosche is proud to support the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation’s Cancer Patient Transport Service, which provides a vital link between patients and their care.
A Connection to Care

For those Gold Coast residents who are battling cancer, the ability to get to hospital can mean the difference between receiving life-saving treatment or not.

Kollosche is proud to support the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation’s Cancer Patient Transport Service with a $20,000 donation through the Kollosche Community Fund.

The Service was piloted and launched by former Gold Coast Mayor, the late Ron Clarke, in memory of his daughter Monique who passed away from cancer in 2009.

The Cancer Patient Transport Service transports local cancer patients from as far as Coolangatta and Coomera to and from Gold Coast University Hospital for chemotherapy, radiation therapy, tests and appointments.

A small fleet of three vehicles driven by volunteers makes approximately 6500 journeys each year, helping 1500 cancer patients who are too ill to drive or unable to afford transport.

Kollosche’s contribution will help 465 cancer patients get to hospital for life-saving treatment  this year,” says Gold Coast Hospital says Foundation CEO Ben Cox.

“Without that support, some patients make the heartbreaking decision to not attend treatment. The Kollosche family is helping these cancer patients in the fight of their lives.”

Kollosche established the Community Fund in 2021 as a means for the business and its sales agents to support charitable causes within our local communities.

A Connection to Care | Kollosche

A percentage of every property sold by Kollosche goes into the Fund with additional donations from the business contributing to a goal of $500,000 for the2022-2023 financial year.

Kollosche Managing Director Michael Kollosche said the Community Fund provides a means for the business to channel funds directly to those who really need it.

Kollosche is privileged to support a range of causes, organsations and sporting groups to have a real impact on the lives of people within our local communities,” says Michael.

“Rather than simply hand money over to a faceless corporation, we can see that these funds are going straight to helping these patients receive the treatment they need.”

The cause holds special meaning for Kollosche lead agent and Kollosche Community Fund Board Member Kara Christensen who supported her mum through treatment.

A Connection to Care | Kollosche

“My mum was treated in this facility and went through quite a few rounds of radiation,” says Kara. “I know how important it is to have someone there to drive you to and from your treatment to feel supported when you’re on that journey.”

That sentiment is echoed by volunteer driver Lyn Cush who says patients are so grateful for the support and savings offered by the service which welcomes a small contribution of $20 per trip.

A Connection to Care | Kollosche

“This morning I transported a beautiful gentleman who lives at Willowvale and had been spending $300 to get himself to treatment three times a week,” she said

“I find it awe-inspiring to transport these people who are going through so much and are so thankful for our service. Words really can’t explain it.”

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