A New Beginning

December 20 2022

Kollosche welcomes to its team licensed real estate agent and auctioneer Shaun Lowry, who brings years of experience and classic country values.
A New Beginning

When Shaun Lowry slid into Michael Kollosche’s messages via social media six months ago, the seasoned sales agent and auctioneer wasn’t looking for a job. 

A partner and Managing Director of an agency in New South Wales at the time, Shaun reached out to Michael for his insights into growing a business, and followed that up with a meeting and office tour while visiting the Gold Coast. 

“I essentially wanted to pick Michael’s brain, but I left the meeting thinking Kollosche would be a pretty cool place to be a part of,” says Shaun.

Shaun joins Kollosche with more than 20 years’ experience as a residential agent and auctioneer, having made his mark on the residential and commercial property markets in his home city of Wagga Wagga. 

Shaun’s passion for real estate was fostered during his childhood, where he spent a lot of time attending auctions with his father, who was the owner of an independent agency for 30 years. 

“It’s a very regional thing to follow in your parents’ footsteps. That family induction is a great opportunity to get into your own business earlier,” he says.

Though Shaun credits his father for introducing him to his chosen career path, he earned a name for himself in the real estate arena after starting as a sales agent in his early twenties. 

Aside from a brief stint in Broadbeach Waters in the mid 2000s, most of Shaun’s career has been spent in Wagga Wagga, where he sold prestige and lifestyle properties. His success in the residential sector led him to become an agency partner and Managing Director.

Shaun then took on the challenge of managing the agency’s new commercial sector, where he further developed the business and his own knowledge before his passion for connecting with clients led him back to residential sales.

“They’re both good in their own ways, but I really appreciate the high turnover and social interaction that comes with residential sales,” Shaun says.

With a self-proclaimed country-style approach to people and property, Shaun is relatable, transparent and level-headed, and has a natural affinity for developing meaningful relationships with people. 

Not long after re-claiming his role in the residential department, the pandemic hit NSW and Shaun was responsible for managing 55 of the agency’s staff.

“That was a massive learning experience. It was a lot of pressure, but I think it advanced my knowledge of business and real estate ten-fold,” he says.

Shaun appreciates the unpredictability of the industry and the experience it has given him through different market cycles.

“The market will always keep you on your toes, but when you’ve been in it as long as I have, you’re equipped to advise people confidently through those different cycles,” he says. 

In a further string to his bow, Shaun became a qualified auctioneer in 2018 and has almost 90 auctions under his belt.

“My first auction was petrifying, but after that I was hooked,” Shaun says.

Gold Coast | Kollosche

Starting afresh on the Gold Coast, Shaun brings with him the knowledge, experience, and interpersonal skills to support and advise people through their property journeys.

A strong believer in the value of collaboration, Shaun is excited to join a team that shares his values and offers the right structure and training to set its agents up for success.

“I am looking to challenge myself, and after being a spectator of Kollosche for some time, I am confident it is the right fit,” he says.

For a seasoned city agent with country values, reach out to Shaun Lowry.

Shaun Lowry 0417 688 521


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