A New Era For Finance

June 24 2024

Changes are afoot in Kollosche’s finance department with the new financial year heralding major change.
A New Era For Finance

Kollosche will mark the start of the new financial year with a changing of the guard in its finance department.

Incumbent chief financial officer Doug Durrington is set to hand over the reins to financial controller Craig Attewell after almost six years at the helm.

Doug is relinquishing the CFO position to take up a higher-level advisory role to Kollosche agents and staff.

Doug has been part of the Kollosche team since it opened its doors in January 2019, although his connection to the business’ managing director Michael Kollosche extends much further.

“Michael and I met during the merger of a business I was representing, but that was 20 years ago,” Doug says.

“After that I became his financial consultant and we’ve always had a strong relationship. When I was about to retire in 2018, he asked me to be CFO at Kollosche.

“Kollosche has grown enormously since then and so too has its fiscal management. So much so that the department now has six full-time staff.

“At the start, the business was focused purely on residential property transactions but now it encompasses several separate entities, which requires a lot of attention being paid to extremely complicated legal and technical processes.

“These are Craig’s strengths, so the time is right for him to start leading the department into a new era.”

Craig, who joined the business 12 months ago, is up for the task.

“When I came to Kollosche, apart from the brand, I was attracted by the idea that there was opportunity for progression to become CFO. As a qualified accountant that is what you strive towards,” he says.

“I am looking forward to championing the improvements we are implementing within the finance landscape, ensuring we provide the best service to the Kollosche business and its clients.

“Doug has left a lasting legacy and the entire finance team intends on honouring that for years to come.

“Personally, I’m glad that Doug remains linked to the business as an advisor. It is reassuring knowing that he will still be on hand to provide what will be, without doubt, much needed guidance and support as the business continues to grow.”

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