Delivering on Service

July 8 2024

Luxury Gold Coast real estate agency Kollosche welcomes Khan Robust to its team of experienced sales agents.
Delivering on Service

Always striving to raise the level of service and standard within the real estate industry is Licensed Real Estate Agent Khan Robust.

The newest addition to Kollosche’s sales team, Khan is committed to providing clients with an unmatched level of customer service.

“Expectations of myself are high,” says Khan. “I’m not willing to be sub-par or offer below what I believe are acceptable standards of service,” Khan says.

As a self-set goal, it is a massive undertaking, but one that few agents could be more equipped to deliver.

Having spent a significant part of his early career in the hospitality industry, operating restaurants and taverns, Khan understands what it is to work hard and often unsociable hours.

Yet it was Khan’s experience working in demanding, customer-focused environments, while simultaneously juggling the responsibilities of being a father to a young family, that left him well-equipped to handle anything that the real estate world could throw at him.

“You can dwell too much on trying to juggle work and family life sometimes, to the point where it can hold you back. I try not to give in to that. Instead, I just embrace the chaos,” Khan says with a laugh.

Since entering the industry eight years ago, Khan has shown a natural aptitude for his new profession and continues to prove his mettle. Aided by a highly confident, charismatic and engaging manner, Khan builds instant rapport with almost anyone he meets.

Going Solo

Khan cut his teeth in the industry with a high-profile Gold Coast agency, but eventually broke away from working under a traditional franchise model to open his own business.

“There was a point in my career progression where the value proposition in working under a franchise just wasn’t there,” Khan says.

“I was confident that I could offer everything a franchise could, but better, while making it more financially viable for my myself and my family.”

Khan opened and operated a successful business – Robust Real Estate – servicing new and repeat clients in the northern suburbs.

Proven Results

As a sales agent, who also lives in the northern Gold Coast, Khan understands the vast differences and demands within the region’s micro-markets.

This experience coupled with his natural ability to communicate effectively, has helped him to win the confidence of buyers and sellers.

“We achieved some really good sales, and I believe we still hold four suburb price records,” Khan says.

“While we have managed to achieve impressive results for properties within Hope Island’s gated estates, one of our more memorable sales was a property on the lake in Oxenford.

“It had been on the market twice before with two different prestige agents. We offered them a different marketing approach and had it sold in a matter of a few weeks for $2,715,000, a price that still stands as the suburb record.

“I hold myself accountable to higher standards than most, and my clients understand and appreciate that. That is why I operated a lot on repeat and referred business.”

A Step Forward

Originally from New Zealand, Khan moved to Australia with his wife and their young family in 2008. Approached at the time by several real estate principals keen for him to join their agencies, the economy was reeling from the aftermath of the GFC and Khan decided to build a better financial position for his family before making the switch.

Now eight years in the game and with no regrets, Khan’s move to Kollosche marks the next chapter in the couple’s real estate story.

“In one respect we have come full circle, but as an agent I still have goals that I want to achieve and our existing business, while successful, was not going to get me to the places I want to be,” Khan says.

A keen participant in rep-level touch football and president of the Gold Coast Touch Association, Khan understands the value of being around and working alongside high-performing people.

“My involvement in sport has taught me the value of a high-performing team and what it takes to be a part of one. As an independent, you can only go so far,” Khan says.

“I am open-minded and always keen to learn. The high-performing agents at Kollosche combined with the agency’s aligned commitment to customer service makes this a timely and natural fit for us.”

In his new role, Khan will remain focused on the northern Gold Coast market, where his experience, as an agent and past business owner, coupled with the support of the Kollosche brand, places him as an integral cog in helping Kollosche service net-worth clients in this region.

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