The Journey Continues

July 9 2024

The Kollosche Community Fund has supported Journey2Learn in opening a new addition to its specialised education facility for children with autism. 
The Journey Continues

The ribbon has been cut on a new relocatable classroom aimed at helping children with autism assimilate into mainstream education.

The classroom or ‘pod’ is part of a wider education facility by Journey2Learn, a not-for-profit charity founded by Gold Coast philanthropist Linda Osman. 

Designed to replicate a typical classroom, the facility helps neurodiverse children develop the confidence, social skills and sensory tolerance required to thrive in mainstream educational settings.

The new classroom serves as a private space where children can go to regulate their bodies and emotions when overstimulated, either on-site at the facility or in a mainstream schooling environment.

“With this calming space, the children are able to reset and regain their sense of control, giving them the confidence to return to school,” Linda says.

We can’t teach those skills in a regular classroom, so this space was a very important addition to our facility.” 

The classroom was made possible with a $16,000 donation from the Kollosche Community Fund.

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From left: Linda Osman, Michael Kollosche, Kara Christensen, Stuart Osman

Kollosche Managing Director Michael Kollosche and Chair of the Kollosche Community Fund Kara Christensen joined Linda and her husband Stuart, a renowned local building designer, to officially open the new space in June.

“The work that Journey2Learn is doing to support and unite our community is commendable and deeply resonates with Kollosche’s core values,” Michael says. 

The Kollosche Community Fund was established in 2021 to provide a platform through which Kollosche sales agents and employees can give back to their local communities.

A percentage of every sale goes into the fund to be distributed among local charities, sporting organisations and worthy individuals.


First-hand Experience

Inclusive schooling is a cause very close to the hearts of Linda and Stuart Osman, with the youngest of their four children, Larz, having Level 3 Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

The family supported Larz through a 30-hour per week, at-home program to prepare him for placement at Hillcrest Christian College, where a tailored approach and curriculum led to him transitioning into full-time schooling.

Seeing the positive impact on her son’s development, Linda became a passionate advocate for inclusive education, and established Journey2Learn to help children like Larz to reap the benefits.

To date, the facility has supported over 40 children and their families.

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Many of its students have made the successful transition into some of the Gold Coast’s most highly regarded private schools, including All Saints Anglican School, Gold Coast Christian College, Hillcrest Christian College and Somerset College.

Linda and the Journey2Learn team continue to advocate for inclusive schooling, and are tirelessly working to educate the local community on the benefits it offers not only children with ASD, but neurotypical students as well.

Learn more about the Community Fund.

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