Delivery With a Difference

October 11 2022

Kollosche’s residential property management team has an intense understanding of the rental market that allows them to deliver a superior level of service to tenants and landlords.
Delivery With a Difference

It has been a busy time in the prestige rental market, but Kollosche’s property management department has handled with a plomb, emerging as one of the rising stars of the business.

Born out of a desire to offer Kollosche clients a more holistic service – one that stretches beyond the sale or purchase of home – the department has gone from strength to strength in the three years since it was established.

Property management is a key component of the Kollosche ecosystem, with the department growing to manage a multi million-dollar portfolio of prestige properties with an average leasing price of $1,500 a week. There is a true focus on client experience, by providing clear communication and a premium service to both landlords and tenants.

Passion and Dedication to the Fore

Driving the department’s success is a small team of highly skilled property managers whose industry experience sets them apart from their peers.

Leading the team is Head of Property Management Melissa Baker, who attained her real estate licence in 2003. Having Established and run her own agency, Melissa knows what it takes to grow a business. Working across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, she has a solid grasp on legislation and how it differs across the states.

Melissa is supported by New Business Executives Katie Dalton and Charlotte Conroy. Katie has worked in real estate for 15 years across several states, taking a brief stint out to work in ad sales for global companies such as eBay and News Limited. Charlotte has sold residential property and worked in property management and business development for the past 10 years.

Senior Property Managers Karen Ngo and Ashlee Gegg round out the team. Karen ran a successful restaurant business before switching to residential property management 15 years ago, while Ashlee joined Kollosche from a global hotel group and has worked in strata-management her entire career.

Combined, their level of experience makes Kollosche’s property management team a formidable force that strives to offer a service above and beyond its industry competitors.

Melissa says: “We understand the pressure points and the level of attention and enthusiasm that is required to service both high-end landlords and tenants.

“To us, everyone is equal. So often agencies focus on landlords and give tenants a less than exceptional experience. We pride ourselves on ensuring that everyone who deals with us receives the same high standard of service.”

What the team’s breadth of experience also brings, adds Karen, is a seasoned ability to identify potential problems.

“Between us we have an innate ability to foresee any potential issues before they occur so we can take action or provide solutions early, which helps to minimise or eliminate stress for our landlords and tenants,” she says.

Property Management Team | Kollosche

Collaboration is Key

In line with Kollosche’s wider company culture of collaboration, the property managers work closely with sales agents to provide clients with an end-to-end user experience, whether they be selling, buying, looking for a new home or seeking to capitalise on existing investments.

“We are mindful that sellers can become tenants and tenants become buyers, or either may hold investment properties,” says Katie. “Our focus is on retaining and servicing those clients, no matter what stage they are at in their real estate journey.”

Quality Over Quantity

While many agencies have property managers who service up to 160 portfolios simultaneously, Melissa says they prefer to cap the number of portfolios they manage, to put quality ahead of quantity.

“There is no way you can offer a great service to a tenant or landlord when you manage a portfolio that high,” she says.

“The workload is too heavy and there is little support, which means clients do not receive the level of communication that they deserve. By keeping our portfolios manageable, we can continue to deliver our clients a superior level of service. In Fact, we are close to capacity now so are seeking another property manager to join our friendly team.”

Above and Beyond

Anyone who lists their property with Kollosche receives a complementary rental market appraisal, a service believed to be unique to the business.

Katie says: “We pride ourselves on giving honest and trusted appraisals.

“There are still a lot of agents who are buying listings’ rather than appraising them appropriately for the market. We always take an honest approach when appraising our properties, offering clients a professional and friendly service delivered with a level of care not found elsewhere.”

If you are a landlord or tenant looking for a superior property management service, reach out to the Kollosche Property Management Team.

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