Gold Coast Apartment Market is Australia’s Best

April 5 2024

The Gold Coast apartment market is on track to outperform all others for price growth leading up to 2032, and beyond. Nationally, the apartment market is performing exceptionally well, driven by a shortfall between supply and demand.
Gold Coast Apartment Market is Australia’s Best

According to the latest K Property Insights report, compiled by Kollosche in conjunction with expert analyst Michael Matusik, apartment values across the country have risen 43 per cent since 2013 – or 15 per cent annually once inflation is taken into account.

However, the report singles out the Gold Coast as the place to invest, with apartment prices over the past decade rising 98 per cent (before inflation) across the region. That is almost double the national result.

Throughout that time, prices have failed to register a fall, according to the report, with apartment price growth on the Gold Coast in 2023 superseding that of houses for the first time.

Aside from a deficit in supply versus demand, several other factors are driving the shift towards apartments, including increased interstate migration, with a continued influx of cash buyers from Melbourne and Sydney purchasing secondary residences.

Another key driver is downsizers making the transition to apartment living once their families move away and they realise their homes are too large for their needs.

Increased public infrastructure works mean there are fewer builders in the market, leading to fewer new projects being built. Increased construction costs have become a real consideration for developers, and while supply levels are low those who do purchase will be required to pay a premium.


Given the scarcity of viable apartment development sites and the costs associated with the construction of mid to high-rise apartments in South East Queensland, the Gold Coast is likely to continue to outperform much of Australia in apartment price growth for some time.

To take advantage of the booming apartment market, reach out to an experienced Kollosche agent to uncover options that may suit your needs.

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