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How to Find, and Keep, A Good Tenant

January 19 2024

Vacancy rates on the Gold Coast remain some of the tightest in the country as demand for housing continues to climb in line with rising immigration.
How to Find, and Keep, A Good Tenant

While the prestige sector has been less affected by the general lack of rental stock, a landlord’s desire to find a ‘good’ tenant exists at all levels of the rental market.

Rental mismatches result in high tenancy turnover, which inevitably leads to a loss of income for landlords, not to mention the increased administrative burden.

Long-term leases, from a minimum 6 to 12 months, are ideal for landlords who seek rental stability but also the flexibility to respond to changes in the market or personal circumstances.

143 TAHITI AVENUE | Kollosche
For rent: 143 Tahiti Avenue, Palm Beach – $3,000 per week

Kollosche’s Property Management and Leasing division deals predominantly in long-term leases with a focus on both landlords and tenants.

For tenants sourced outside of the agency’s existing database, the leasing team ensures it carries out extensive due diligence to match the right person to the right property.

The team will meet every applicant for a property in person and then carries out rigorous background checks to make sure there are no ‘red flags’. These include but are not limited to:

– a history of rent arrears, for which the agency has no tolerance,
– applying for a property that does not match an applicant’s regular income, and
– failing to provide suitable character, or past rental, references

However, the responsibility for a successful rental, does not rest solely with the tenant.

Landlords also have their part to play, including offering fair lease agreement terms, ensuring a property is in good condition and working order, and responding quickly to any reported issues.

306/19 ALBERT AVENUE | Kollosche
For rent: 306/19 Albert Avenue, Broadbeach – $2,250 per week

Many people find the rental process daunting, particularly if they have never been through the process before as they do not understand what is expected of them.

Kollosche’s experienced leasing team can help with the process, offering a full onboarding service which sets out not only what is expected of a tenant, but also their rights should they encounter any issues.

Tenants also have access to an online system where they can easily log any issues or maintenance requests directly with our property management team, so it will be swiftly dealt with.

If you are a potential landlord or tenant who wants to better understand the rental process, reach out to Kollosche’s leasing team, who can offer sound advice.

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