Key Considerations for Commercial Sellers in 2024

January 17 2024

If you are considering bringing your commercial asset to market in 2024, Kollosche Commercial explains the two key factors to considers for a successful result.
Key Considerations for Commercial Sellers in 2024

Effective marketing and a trusted agent will be key differentiators for those seeking to sell commercial assets in 2024.

While the pandemic created extraordinary market conditions, it was a once-in-a-generation occurrence. Taking 18 months to regain stability, the market has now returned to a more ‘normal’ operational status, where asset values correlate to interest rates.

Throughout this time commercial stock levels have remained precariously low, a situation not expected to change as the market moves through 2024.

However, if interest rates continue to rise, finance will become increasingly tight, affecting overall transaction levels. This is why appointing an experienced sales agent with knowledge of the local market will be crucial in realising the true market value of your asset.

During the pandemic, even inexperienced agents were able to gain superior results for sellers, despite offering only minimal service levels. However, today’s more competitive market is set to test agents’ abilities.

To maintain results, agents will need to have a comprehensive understanding of various asset classes and deliver strategic and effective marketing campaigns to targeted audiences.

Depending on the type of asset, agents will also need to understand different marketing tools and cast a much wider net to reach the right buyer audience.

Kollosche commercial sales agents are extremely experienced and can propose investments or offer valued advice based on comprehensive market data and research.

Team Grbcic | Kollosche

Having access to an experienced marketing team, they understand the best ways and the right platforms on which to gain the best results. Based on an extensive list of sales, they can establish enquiry trends and tap into targeted buyer markets using various digital portals and methods of advertising.

If you are thinking of bringing an asset to market in 2024, reach out to one of our commercial agents who can devise an informed and effective marketing strategy for your asset.

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