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January a Prime Time to Sell on the Gold Coast

November 25 2022

Tens of thousands of holidaymakers use the summer holiday period to look for property on the Gold Coast. Sellers need to act now to capitalise on the boom.
January a Prime Time to Sell on the Gold Coast

The summer holiday period is traditionally a time to wind down, but for the real estate industry in tourism destinations such as the Gold Coast, it can be one of the busiest times of year.

From December to February, the city’s population swells markedly as tens of thousands of interstate and international holidaymakers descend on the region to enjoy its coastline and beaches.

Australian Bureau of Statistics data pinpoints the Gold Coast as one of Australia’s fastest-growing regions, with Queensland being tipped to lead a national property market recovery in 2023.

The Real Estate Institute of Queensland has already predicted that the Gold Coast’s 600,000-plus population is set to surpass one million within the next two decades.

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Historically, the summer months have proven a lucrative time for Gold Coast vendors, with many intra and interstate visitors choosing to combine a holiday in the region with a property hunting expedition for an investment opportunity or potential future home.

Many property hunters, however, will not be waiting until they arrive to start their property search, with real estate portals reporting an increase in online activity from as early as December.

Anyone wanting to sell their home in January should be listing their property with a Kollosche agent now to capitalise on the holiday boom.

Preparation is key for anyone hoping for an early 2023 sale. The more time an agent has to plan and execute a strategic marketing campaign – at a time when the availability of external suppliers and service providers will be scarce – the more successful it will be.

Armed with a clear strategy, agents can build momentum around a vendor’s campaign, and ensure that it hits a peak at the optimum time.

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Savvy buyers will also be seeking to get ahead of the competition. Properties on the market before January may not generate an immediate flurry of inquiry, but will certainly be on buyers’ radars when they are ready to transact.

Launching between Christmas and New Year is an optimum time to ensure your property is in pole position in the busier market period, reaching the maximum number of buyers.

If you are thinking of selling in the new year, don’t delay in reaching out to a Kollosche agent who can advise you on a strategy for capitalising on the holiday market.

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