Luxury Gold Coast rentals fetch top dollar

22 Mar 2021 |

Renting a property on the Gold Coast right now is a bit like winning the lottery – you can apply as many times as you like but there can only be one winner.

Vacancy rates across the city first dipped below 1% in December and the situation for renters hasn’t improved a whole lot since with rates below 0.1% the norm in many suburbs.

The demand is also intense at the top end of town as locals who have sold their own home compete with cashed-up interstate migrants and expats for a slice of Queensland paradise.

In an article featured in Saturday’s Gold Coast Bulletin and on, Kollosche’s Katie Dalton was called on to share her expertise in the executive leasing arena. 

Leased for $4,900pw in Paradise Waters

Kollosche’s prestige rental listing at 67 Commodore Drive, Paradise Waters was the most expensive Gold Coast house for rent at $4,900, drawing plenty of interest.

“Interest has been really varied, ranging from people who want to use the property from a business perspective … but equally we’ve received a quality application from a local family,” Katie told NewsCorp.

Of the top 5 most expensive properties for rent on the Gold Coast last week, three were marketed and leased through Kollosche.

Leased for $2,700pw in Burleigh Heads

A three-bedroom furnished house with panoramic views on George Street West, Burleigh Heads was leased in March for $2,700 per week while an executive waterfront villa at Havana Key, Broadbeach Waters leased for $2,500 per week.

Leased for $2,500pw in Broadbeach Waters

While there is no shortage of tenants hunting for a home, Katie says targeted marketing is key to attracting the right tenant for high calibre homes.

“Executive leasing is a specialised sector and the marketing needs to be effective to get owners the best return on their asset,” says Katie.

“We also want our tenants to really enjoy the experience of living in each home so the style of service we offer reflects that.” 

Kollosche has a selection of prestige properties available for lease and is ready to assist homeowners wishing to lease a home, on or off market.

Contact executive leasing specialist Katie Dalton on 0431255875 or email [email protected] to start the conversation.

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