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Paving the Way for a Dream Run

March 14 2022

A holistic approach to new projects at Kollosche is smoothing the way for developers and creating a seamless experience for those buying luxury apartments off the plan.
Paving the Way for a Dream Run
White Main Beach | Kollosche

A holistic approach to new projects at Kollosche is smoothing the way for developers and creating a seamless experience for those buying luxury apartments off the plan.

The demand for large luxury apartments on the Gold Coast is ravenous right now.

Buyers across Australia and overseas are lining up alongside investors to secure the luxury seaside lifestyle that comes with a new home in the sky.

While the buyers are good to go, developers face their share of challenges in finding suitable sites on which to deliver what the market wants

Kollosche’s New Projects team is drawing on its knowledge of the local market to remove that hurdle for developers, sourcing suitable sites and facilitating the amalgamation process.

“It’s difficult for developers to find a site, especially for those based overseas or interstate,” says Kollosche New Projects specialist Simon Worthington.

“We do the legwork in putting sites together and negotiating exit strategies that are a win-win for the owner’s inside older buildings and for developers looking for a trophy asset.”

Kollosche New Projects has successfully amalgamated a string of blue chip sites– most recently an absolute beachfront lot on Garfield Terrace, Surfers Paradise and a choice position on Old Burleigh Road, Broadbeach.

Yves Mermaid Beach | Kollosche

One-Stop Shop

In a concerted move to meet the needs of developers at every stage of a new project, Kollosche also offers input during the design and planning phase to optimize the end product.

Kollosche New Projects agents – Simon Worthington, Andrew Ramsey, Odette Humphreys, Nicole and John Mayer – have decades of experience between them

“For many agencies, once a site is sold that’s the end of the road. Developers Then have to outsource everything to multiple external service providers,” says Simon.

“Having been in the industry for so long our team can connect developers with leading architects, town planning consultants and even top-tier builders.

“We can offer our expertise on floor plans and advise on the features and amenities that buyers are looking for came the sales phase.”

The New Projects team is backed by Kollosche’s marketing arm which assists in developing the creative assets required to present a project to market – from brochures to videos and social media, through to virtual tours and high tech display suite design.

Set Up for Sales Success

That intimate level of project knowledge puts Kollosche agents in an ideal position during the sales phase and allows the team to build trusted long-term relationships with buyers

“When purchasing off the plan we’re asking buyers to commit to something that doesn’t yet exist,” says Simon

“Buyers draw confidence from our knowledge of the project and the understanding that we’re there to guide them right through to settlement and beyond.”

The New Projects team collaborates closely with Kollosche’s residential and commercial agents which extends their network of potential buyers for both development sites and off-the-plan apartments

Aspire Gold Coast | Kollosche

Those connections and commitment have paid off at Aspire on Garfield Terrace, Surfers Paradise where half of the project sold within a month of the late December launch.

Aspire’s half and full-floor luxury residences range in price from $3,200,000 to $7,000,000.

Impressive sales at Aspire add to bump start to the year for Kollosche New Projects who had signed $64,344,000 in project sales halfway through February and counting.

The ‘Sold Out’ signs are now up on Infinity Broadbeach, White Main Beach and stage one of The Lanes Residences, Mermaid Waters – all now under construction.

The pipeline for 2022 is pumping too as the team prepares to launch a string of exciting new projects to market as the year unfolds

“It’s highly rewarding to work on a project from site set up to handing keys and champagne to new owners on settlement day,” says Simon. “It’s a dream run.

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