Success Leaves Clues

April 4 2022

A laser focus on team building is changing the real estate game for Michael Kollosche and his lead agents, whose sales results and service are raising the industry benchmark.
Success Leaves Clues

In an industry known for its hype and gloss, real numbers tend to provide a more accurate measure of success in the ultra competitive world of real estate.

As 2021 drew to a close, Kollosche ticked over $1.8 billion in unconditional sales. Three months into 2022 and that figure is closer to $2 billion, putting the Gold Coast’s leading prestige agency on track for a record result come end of financial year.

That performance has been formally recognised as the national real estate industry awards season unfolds, with Kollosche named Boutique Agency of the Year (Metro) and Digital Excellence Agency of the Year at the prestigious Australian Real Estate Results Awards (ARERAs). On an individual level, Michael Kollosche was named Selling Principal of the Year based on his performance in 2021.

In what has been an unprecedented period of price growth for Australian property, it would be easy to write such results off to booming market conditions. But a look behind the scenes at Kollosche confirms there’s more to the story.

“Success leaves clues,” Michael tells Kollosche’s 29 sales agents, who are stationed from Sovereign Islands to Coolangatta and Northern NSW, serving clients across the residential, commercial, leasing and new projects sectors.

“When you build a great team around you and each of those people is really clear on their roles, the experience is exceptionally smooth for your clients and the results follow.”

The evolution of the industry-termed ‘Super Team’ has been a game changer for Kollosche over the past three years. Drawing on training and advice from the best coaches in the business, Michael has encouraged each lead agent to build their own support team of two or more staff enabling agents to focus purely on servicing their vendors and buyers, leaving everything else in the capable hands of a trusted team.

Michael Kollosche Super Team

Michael’s own ‘Super Team’ consists of Customer Service Manager Moana Cooper, Sales Associate Jay Helprin and Business Manager Suzie Dorsett. Together Michael’s team launched 146 properties to market in 2021, signing off sales to the tune of $530,000,000.

That performance placed Michael among Queensland’s top 3 sales agents with one notable distinction – his average sale price was off the charts at $4,926,704.

“Each member of my team knows their role and plays to their strengths,” says Michael.

“We each know when to pass the baton on and that creates a really seamless experience for our clients – from that first phone call right through to settlement.”

Each Super Team is supported by the wider Kollosche ecosystem, which now numbers more than 100 staff. That support network includes an extensive administration arm, Performance, Culture and Holistic Transformational specialists, and a dedicated in-house marketing agency of digital media specialists, graphic designers, videographers and writers.

“We invest a lot of time looking at ways in which we can innovate in order to achieve the best outcomes and results for our clients,” says Michael.

“Striving for operational excellence has been an important ingredient in our formula for success over the past three years.

“Once you’ve got a strong foundation whereby each team is working really well in itself, our focus on collaboration across teams gives us the power to amplify our results and give our clients a six-star experience that exceeds all expectations.”

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