The Cold Reality of Homelessness

July 6 2022

Kollosche agents Ryan Ward and Daniel Sharp took part in the CEO Sleepout to raise funds and awareness to reduce homelessness on the Gold Coast.
The Cold Reality of Homelessness

Sleeping outside overnight in winter on sheets of cardboard is not an experience Kollosche agents Ryan Ward and Daniel Sharp would wish to repeat.

The pair were among those who weathered the winter chill at Cbus Stadium on 23 June to raise vital funds and awareness for St Vincent De Paul’s annual CEO Sleepout.

The event provides a first-hand experience of homelessness and a better understanding of the role that businesses and the community can play in reducing it.

“We slept on cardboard in a partially open, partially protected section of the stadium so that we still felt the elements,” says Ryan.

Gold Coast CEO Sleepout | Kollosche

“It was challenging, but anyone could do it for a night. The reality is that many people are doing it for much more than that.”

Daniel Sharp added that the experience was tough, “I think I had about three hours’ sleep in total. It definitely put things into perspective.”

The Covid pandemic, recent floods, and economic challenges of the past 12 months have seen 116,000 Australians, children included, without a home for the first time in their lives.

“It’s a bigger issue than ever,” says Ryan.

“The experience made me think about how lucky we are to be in the position that we’re in. We complain about the little things but there are people out there doing it a lot harder”.

Gold Coast CEO Sleepout | Kollosche

The Gold Coast event raised a total of $649,463 from the 237 business leaders, professionals and community members who participated.

Having set a combined goal of $6,000, Ryan and Daniel raised a total of $6,488 in donations predominantly from Kollosche staff and clients, including a generous $1,000 client donation.

St Vincent De Paul uses funds raised to provide crisis accommodation, food, healthcare, counselling, education, employment, and support to find a permanent home.

Visit for more information on helping the homeless in your area.

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