Kollosche Commercial Has Expanded

July 6 2022

Kollosche Commercial welcomes Kelly Buxton and Elke Rosen who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in the commercial leasing and property management sectors.
Kollosche Commercial Has Expanded

There’s an invaluable rapport that develops between people with a lengthy shared work history.

For Kelly Buxton and Elke Rosen, it’s easy to see how the years working alongside one another in the Gold Coast commercial real estate sphere amplifies their ongoing success.

While Kelly specialises in Commercial Leasing, Elke focuses on Commercial Property Management and together their industry expertise, market knowledge and network of connections makes for an effective combination.

Kollosche Commercial Leasing

The pair met at Colliers International Gold Coast five years ago. Elke was running the Property Management Division when Kelly took the desk opposite in a Retail Leasing Agent role.

“We were office neighbours so we really learnt to work together,” says Kelly.

“Elke managed a lot of properties that I leased. We realised pretty quickly that we could complement one another to offer a better result for our clients.”

Collaboration Builds Success

That collaborative dynamic is a significant point of difference for Kollosche’s newest Commercial recruits who understand the value of placing the right tenant in the right property.

“There is a tendency for leasing agents to fill tenancies quickly and move on,” says Kelly, who sourced key tenants for Robina Town Centre when that project was just a cold shell.

“I prefer to take the time to understand the tenant’s needs and make sure they’ve got the best chance of running a successful trade in the space I recommend.

A Formidable Combination | Kollosche

“It’s also important to have the right mix of tenants within the one centre so that everyone thrives and customers get the right range of services.”

The time and care taken during the leasing phase pays dividends for Elke whose long-term relationship with the tenant hinges on their ability to pay rent and remain in the property.

“For me, it’s about maximising returns for the owner and doing it professionally,” says Elke, who served in the military as an Avionics and Armaments Technician before transitioning into real estate.

“People come through the door looking for space for a particular type of business and we know where the vacancies are and how to best place them.
“Between the two of us we know who the tenants are and we know the landlord, so we can put that knowledge together for everyone’s benefit.”

Commercial One-Stop Shop

Long-standing relationships are what led the duo to Kollosche. Elke worked with Commercial sales agents Adam Grbcic and Tony Grbcic during their time at Ray White, while Kelly has worked with Adam on multiple commercial deals.

“To have this opportunity to come and build on what is a really experienced, successful and respected Commercial team is very exciting,” says Elke.

“We were drawn to Kollosche because it’s important to have a really good brand behind you and to have someone steering the ship who can lead, inspire and support you.”

Commercial team | Kollosche

Growth within the Kollosche Commercial division bolsters the team’s ability to meet the full spectrum of client needs, from sales through to leasing and property management.

“We’re like the final piece of the puzzle,” says Elke.

“To be able to offer that end-to-end service is a seamless experience for property owners that ultimately maximises the value of their asset.”

Kollosche Commercial offers a one-stop solution for Gold Coast commercial property owners and can assist across sales, leasing and property management.

Reach out for expert advice and smart strategies to advance your commercial interests.

Commercial Sales: Adam Grbcic on 0404 087 772 and Tony Grbcic on 0407 968 667.
Commercial Leasing: Kelly Buxton on 0478 002 111
Commercial Property Management: Elke Rosen on 0403 111 577.

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