Industrial Sector Case Study: The Hornet Workstores

17 Dec 2021 |
1 Hornet Place, Burleigh Heads - Kollosche
1 Hornet Place, Burleigh Heads

Over the last two years, there has been a clear sector in the Commercial arena which has outperformed the rest. This is the Industrial sector.

To provide a relevant and recent case study on how the sector has performed over the last 18 to 24 months, we have analysed one particular block of units that we have been involved in over this time.

Case Study – Hornet Workstores

In 2019, we sold nine industrial units in a complex called The Hornet Workstores located at 1 Hornet Place, Burleigh Heads.

At the time of sale, the units were priced at the top end of what industrial units were selling for throughout that year at $3,300 a square metre. This year, we have resold three of those units at $4,500 a square metre, representing a growth of 26 percent since 2019.

We believe that this growth has occurred for the following reasons:

· Lack of supply of industrial units throughout Burleigh Heads

· Increase in demand for businesses that require industrial space

· Increased demand of investors looking to invest in industrial properties

· Increase in online shopping causing higher demand for storage space

With the Industrial sector performing so well at the minute, if you have an industrial property that is surplus to your needs, there is no time like the present to sell.

We encourage you to contact us, even to determine what it might be worth in today’s market.

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