Meet the Property Management Team

13 Jan 2022 |
Kollosche - Property Management Team

Listing your property for lease can be an exciting yet demanding experience. There are a lot of boxes to tick off before a tenant can step foot through the door of your beautiful residence, and that’s where our Kollosche property management team comes in.

With a wealth of experience behind them, the Kollosche Property Management team are leaders in executive leasing.

Five Things Kollosche Does Differently

1. Dealing with a small team of experienced property managers delivers a personalised approach and allows us to build trusted relationships with homeowners and tenants.

2. Clear and consistent communication with homeowners is a top priority. Monthly reports ensure quality control and communication procedures are strictly adhered to.

3. Our unique marketing strategy employs professional media and content to make your property stand out and attract a higher calibre of tenant.

4. Kollosche’s custom-designed systems and processes ensure your investment is a success, delivering results and a standard of service that’s unmatched on the Gold Coast.

5. At Kollosche, we collect real-time property data from all rental properties on the market Australia-wide to closely monitor the market and its impact on your property.

Find out what first-class service feels like. Call Our Property Management Team on 1300 576 000 or visit our profiles below:

Katie Dalton – New Business Manager

Karen Ngo – Senior Property Manager

Ashlee Gegg – Property Manager

Tell us your property dream, and we will help you live it