2023 Commercial Property Outlook

February 1 2023

The Gold Coast commercial property market has displayed ongoing resilience as a new year unfolds despite the uncertainty surrounding rising inflation and interest rates.
2023 Commercial Property Outlook

Nationally, 2022 was defined by more subdued market conditions however population growth and boosts to the local economy by way of events and new infrastructure have kept the Gold Coast commercial market strong.

A wave of new residents has revived the commercial office market, with vacancy rates tipped to improve as more people return to offices following the trend towards remote working.

Boosts to local tourism markets have strengthened hotel and accommodation prospects, with this trend set to improve throughout the year. An influx of international student arrivals will continue to bolster the student accommodation space.

Life sciences are trending toward more non-traditional forms of healthcare, adding to the momentum gained by government investment toward standard healthcare spaces. Investors are looking to increase investment in the medical commercial property space as a result.

The outlook for retail and industrial spaces appears dependent on the performance of the other commercial asset classes, plus consumer shopping habits. New retail precincts and developments on the Gold Coast are tipped to perform well in 2023 as the population and economy grow.

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