Showstopping Projects Transforming Gold Coast Streets

May 15 2024

With Burleigh Heads tipped to become ‘Queensland’s Bondi Beach’, buyers are looking to surrounding suburbs to create their own slice of paradise.
Showstopping Projects Transforming Gold Coast Streets

In the unassuming residential streets surrounding the Gold Coast hotspot of Burleigh Heads, a transformation is underway.

Brown brick and tile single-storey homes, built circa 1980s, are making way for a more modern breed of housing that is reshaping these coastal communities and, at the same time, raising the bar on sale price points.

Hayley Kidson, a local real estate advisor with Kollosche, has observed the upsurge in renovation and new build projects taking shape in recent years, particularly in her core trade areas of Burleigh Waters, Reedy Creek, and Tallebudgera.

“Burleigh Heads is already tipped to be the next Bondi Beach, which has propelled buyers to the neighbouring pockets of Burleigh Waters and Reedy Creek, where properties are more accessible,” says Hayley. “These suburbs have a large concentration of original homes that are coming to the end of their lifespan, making them really appealing to those with a knockdown-rebuild or renovation in mind.”

The driving force behind many of these projects is the rise of owner-builders; those with the skills and resources to turn a profit in an otherwise challenging construction landscape.

“Owner-builders are able to keep their margins low enough to keep the build viable,” notes Hayley. “When you’re looking at anywhere from $5,000 to $8,000 per square metre to build, that becomes unaffordable for a lot of people without access to trade prices and labour.”

31 Beaconsfield Drive – Before

One standout example is the transformation of a 1990-built house on a 714 sqm lot at 31 Beaconsfield Drive in Burleigh Waters. Renderer Matt Jamieson, of Gold Coast company Render X, teamed up with building designer Jayson Pate to deliver a one-of-a-kind statement home known as ‘Ruin X’. Purchased in October 2020 for $775,000, the renovated house was sold by Kollosche under the hammer in March 2022 for a street record $2,713,888.

31 Beaconsfield Drive – After

Similarly, the success story of ‘Armorel‘, a showstopping new build inspired by the USA’s south Florida coast, underscores the demand for quality craftsmanship. Located on Oceanic Drive in Mermaid Waters, the property was purchased for $1,985,000 in January 2022 and sold by Kollosche for $7,700,000 in February 2024 following an extensive 14-month build.

84 Oceanic Drive, Mermaid Waters | Kollosche

84 Oceanic Drive – Before

“People say don’t over capitalise on your new build but that’s not the case anymore,” says Hayley. “People will pay for quality; they’re not just paying for the location or the suburb. I think if you’re going to finish the house off to the absolute most pristine level, I don’t think you can over capitalise on it because people will always pay for that.”

Amorel | Kollosche

84 Oceanic Drive – After

Having completed two major renovations and three new builds of her own, Hayley understands the finer details that add value to a property at the point of sale. While four bedrooms, two living areas and two car spaces hit a sweet spot with buyers, Hayley also notes a shift in the overall aesthetic catching the eye of discerning house hunters.

“Up until around 12 to 18 months ago there was still a big push towards everything being white,” says Hayley. “While people still love that light, bright, airy setting, what I’m seeing now is an appreciation for a range of different textures and finishes with some bolder features.”

Beyond aesthetics, Hayley observes a growing desire for homes that offer a blend of functionality and low-maintenance convenience. From ‘sky homes’ to villa developments, there’s a growing demand for residences tailored to the contemporary lifestyle. “People are so time-poor these days that homes requiring less maintenance are really popular,” Hayley explains. “That could mean features such as synthetic grass and composite timber decking.”

Agent Hayley Kidson specialises in new builds and renovated home sales.

However, the journey doesn’t end with construction; selling the finished product requires finesse. Hayley emphasises the importance of professional styling to evoke an emotional connection with potential buyers, ultimately enhancing the property’s appeal and value. Additionally, strategic marketing, particularly through an auction campaign, ensures maximum exposure and competitive bidding, translating into optimal returns for sellers.

“For a high quality new build the marketing is really important because we want to expose the property to the widest pool of potential buyers,” says Hayley. “When you can bring all of those buyer categories together, the competition ensures you walk away with the best possible price for all of your hard work.”

For strategic advice on your next property sale, reach out to Hayley Kidson on 0412 969 898.

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