The Making of Eoghan Murphy

December 5 2022

It’s been a rapid rise to success for Kollosche agent Eoghan Murphy who has built a powerful brand based on consistent results and strategic advice that clients appreciate.
The Making of Eoghan Murphy

Lead agent and emerging real estate industry leader Eoghan Murphy shares his journey to becoming a top young performer with Managing Director Michael Kollosche.

What role has Kollosche played in your growth as an agent?

I always felt I had the talent and the knowledge, but I was struggling to implement it. Coming to Kollosche and being surrounded by successful, positive people really helped me to build belief in myself. Gleaning insights and wisdom from the most successful agents in the country and forming my own identity around that has really helped me grow.

How have you built your own unique brand?

Consistency and discipline have been the most important factors in building my brand across digital and traditional print platforms. Providing a high-quality service for all of my clients in every interaction builds an experience that people remember. If you want to be successful in this business, it’s real estate 100 per cent of the time.

How have you used marketing to build your brand?

I tend to take a different approach to most agents when it comes to traditional marketing methods. At the core of every piece of collateral I deliver to the market – whether it be print or digital – I ensure that I’m providing value. This could be quality information that the consumer may not have had access, such as an off-market sale or what I see happening at the coalface.

What approach do you take to servicing your clients?

I’ve always tried to lead with empathy and integrity, putting the client first and always acting in their best interests as a strategic advisor. I’ve probably talked more people out of selling than I have into selling over the years. I’ll help someone who knows someone who wants to transact, and that authentic approach is what gets me a seat at the table. If you go into each interaction expecting nothing in return, the universe will reward you in spades.

What are your top three tips for other emerging agents?

Number one is to be patient. Real estate is a long game and you need to be strategic. You might have to put in a six-month stint with no return to then have a good 12 months. Second, be yourself. A lot of agents feel like they have to become someone else, but who you are out of the market should be who you are in the market. Three, stay consistent. There are going to be a lot of hard times, so believe in yourself and know that what you do today will pay off.

How have your personal habits elevated your professional success?

Before I came to Kollosche, I was focused more on my health. When I came into the business, I already had positive habits – going to the gym, eating well, never missing a beat – and that discipline translated into how I prospected and followed daily plans.

What are some of your career highlights?

I’ve been fortunate to be a part of some of the most iconic Gold Coast sales. One stand-out would have to be selling out the entire building at 142 Marine Parade, Miami for a total of $28,000,000, which included selling two of those apartments twice. The amalgamation of 35-41 Peerless Avenue, Mermaid Beach for $16,300,000 and the $5,400,000 sale of 42 Albatross Avenue – which set the price record for a Mermaid Beach side street – were also highlights.

What’s 2023 looking like for you?

We enter 2023 with a positive mindset, working with clients to achieve their goals. Buyers and sellers have had time to adjust to a more normalised market, so they can better plan ahead. For me, the focus remains to deliver six-star service, strategic advice and constantly look for ways to improve what we do.

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