Connection is Key to Big Results

August 5 2022

Leading prestige property specialists, the Ryan Ward Team builds powerful connections with clients to achieve premium price results that are as memorable as the service experience.
Connection is Key to Big Results

When the owners of a breathtaking Main River mansion on exclusive Cronin Island set out to achieve a premium price for their prized asset, they needed the right agent for the job.

Designed by Bayden Goddard and once home to Billabong International CEO Matthew Perrin and then wife Nicole, the north-facing Southern Cross Drive holding is among the city’s most adored residences.

15 Southern Cross Drive | Kollosche

Kollosche sales agent Ryan Ward counts the record $12,450,000 June 2020 sale among his career highlights – the price was more than double the $6,100,000 paid eight years prior – but it’s the client connection that makes it memorable.

“I was up against some very successful agents to win that business,” says Ryan. “I was able to establish a connection and build trust with those clients, who I count as friends today. Experiences like that continue to drive my love for the industry.”

The prestige property specialist has notched up an impressive run sheet of premium sales across a stellar 17-year career, narrowing his focus to high-end homes on and around Main River in Paradise Waters and Cronin Island, as well as the exclusive Mermaid Beach strips of Hedges and Albatross Avenue.

Ryan Ward | Kollosche

In an industry where many come and go, long-term relationships underpin repeat success for Ryan who considers three key questions before embarking on any new client relationship.

“I have three pillars that guide me when meeting a homeowner who is considering taking their prestige property to the market:

Am I the right agent to help you?

Can I achieve your price expectations?

Do we share the same commitment to delivering your property to the market place?

“When you take the time to listen carefully to the client and make sure there is a positive connection, then the experience is so much smoother and rewarding for us both.”

Charisma, connection and care are consistent character traits across the Ryan Ward Team, which includes Sales Associate Bec Southey and Inside Sales Associate Darryl Bright.

Ryan Ward Team Kollosche

Bec brings a decade in real estate to the table, drawing on that industry experience and an innate ability to connect with people to achieve outstanding results for clients. Sharp marketing and administrative acumen complement Bec’s natural flair for vendor and buyer management.

Armed with seven years in real estate, Darryl goes about his business with a trademark smile that makes no request seem a chore. Working tirelessly behind the scenes, Darryl follows up on every enquiry to make sure no call or email goes unanswered.

“Having a strong team with clear roles means we can deliver a level of service that’s above and beyond client expectations,” says Ryan.

Ryan Ward Team| Kollosche

As the market continues to evolve, Ryan cites transparency and integrity as the qualities that will set his team apart during a period where homeowners are seeking trustworthy advice.

“It’s easy to make big promises in order to win business,” says Ryan.

“We want our clients to feel that we’re giving them honest feedback, to know that we’re on their side every step of the way and that we’ve got their best interests at heart.

“Beyond the sales result, it’s that feeling of trust that people will appreciate and remember.”


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